Libraries are a gift to each and every community that has one, providing so much more than just books. They’re social hubs that provide access to a wide selection of media and technology; gathering spaces that bring community members together; event venues and places of learning for all ages. There are some exceptional local libraries in our region—The Burlington Public Library, Oakville Public Library and Hamilton Public Library, among others—and we’re grateful for the opportunities they provide.

If you haven’t visited your local branch in a while, now is the time. Here are a few ways seniors can consider using their local library. If you have any questions about homecare services in Burlington and the surrounding area, please contact us! We’d be pleased to hear from you.

To access reading materials and other media

Libraries don’t just allow you to borrow books for free—they typically lend out magazines, DVDs and more. You can also access large print books, e-books and audiobooks—all excellent options for seniors—and they often have daily newspapers on hand. Consider taking your aging loved one to the library to pick up some books and media that interest them—not only does this get them out of the house for a change of scenery, it allows them to browse materials they may not have been exposed to otherwise. Our caregivers would be pleased to accompany seniors to the library as well—just ask!

For community events and entertainment

Many libraries host free or inexpensive community events throughout the week including both daytime and evening programming. For example, the Burlington Public Library is currently offering a poetry festival as well as their regular book club. There’s a full list of adult programming on their website including great classes and author talks, plus similar offerings in Oakville and Hamilton. Take a look and put a few interesting events on the calendar—your loved one’s caregiver would be pleased to take them, or you can plan to take them yourself for some quality time.

To meet with friends and family

Libraries often have a small cafe and/or children’s play area on site, making them the ideal location to visit with friends and family. Check out a few local library branches and discover what’s available—we recommend starting with Central Library in Burlington, which is fully accessible and has excellent amenities. It’s also very close to a park and the local senior’s centre, which your loved one may also be interested in visiting. All of these great community offerings can really improve one’s quality of life—you just need to take advantage of them! Thanks for reading and have a great day.